The Big Picture: Air Racing!

It’s Tuesday morning and you’re having trouble getting the old creative juices flowing. Take a look at Air Racing – The Big Picture. Nothing like a little adrenaline rush to start off the day.

Next weekend is the Wings Over Houston air show featuring the Air Force’s elite squadron The Thunderbirds! I’ll be there with my 40D attached to an EF 300mm f/4L IS USM hoping to capture anything close to what you see in today’s Air Racing – The Big Picture. After seeing all the great images Moose Peterson captured at this year’s Reno Air Races I just had to give this a shot.

So, how do you focus on an F-15 going 250 mph?

Moose Peterson at the Reno Air Races

Moose Peterson has posted a series of really great aviation images from this year’s Reno Air Races. This is some of the best “bird” photography I’ve ever seen. One of these days, when the kids are out of college, I’ve just got to see this in person.

Reno Air Races Begin

Shutter Sex

There are no words

And then there’s the Raptor

Early Morning Bird (my favorite image of the series)

Birds, Birds, Birds Everywhere

and even more at Moose’s News Blog.