Texas Plains

Here’s another shot of the panhandle region made famous by the State Photographer of Texas, Wyman Meinzer* and my friend Jerod Foster**. These humble gentlemen are two of the best landscape and nature photographers in our great state.

The panhandle is an incredible place to visit. With views like this it’s easy to understand why natives thought the planet was flat centuries ago. Standing on this long stretch of country road you can see fields that go on for miles and miles in every direction. They look pretty nice in black & white too. 🙂

* Wyman Meinzer has been photographing Texas for over 30 years. He has published numerous books of his incredible images, working with famous Texas writers like John Graves and poet Walt McDonald. I dare say, Wyman has been the inspiration for hundreds of Texas photographers over the years and is teaching the next generation at Texas Tech in Lubbock.

** Jerod Foster is the “Strobist” of the Texas Panhandle. This will embarrass him to no end, but Jerod is an incredibly talented young photographer. His commercial work takes him around the state and around the country. His “Field Lighting” articles are among the best real-world examples of on-location lighting on the web today.

Texas Plains

Texas Plains – Silverton, Texas
Copyright © 2010 Jeff Lynch Photography
Shot taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II set on aperture (Av) priority using an EF 17-40mm f/4L USM lens tripod mounted. The exposure was taken at 21mm, f/16 for 1/100th of a second at ISO 100 with a Singh-Ray warming polarizer filter. Post capture processing was done in Adobe’s Lightroom 3 and Nik Software’s Silver Efex Pro.

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View Location on Panoramio & Google Earth: Texas Plains – Silverton, Texas

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