Many Thanks to the Houston Photochrome Club

Houston Photochrome ClubI had a wonderful time presenting at the Houston Photochrome Club last evening. The folks were patient, warm and friendly; pretty much what you’d expect from a group of enthusiastic Houston photographers. I’d like to thank Scott Meyer for giving me the opportunity to speak in front this distinguished group. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Sharing my passion for landscape photography in the Texas Hill Country with a group of enthusiasts is something like preaching to the choir. It’s amazing to me how many folks from different walks of life have fallen in love the camera the way I did over 30 years ago. It’s also very gratifying to see “somewhat older” folks take up this hobby of a lifetime and begin to learn how to “see” all over again.

Hill Country Landscapes Presentation HighlightsI’ve posted a copy (PDF format) of the presentation that folks can download here. Just click on the image to the left. Be warned, it’s a 15 MB file and might take a bit of time to download. And here’s a set of links to some of the products I discussed last evening:

Gitzo Traveller Tripod (Legs)
Really Right Stuff Ball Heads
Hot Shoe Bubble Level
Singh-Ray Filters