Sometimes You Need to Get Close

In general, landscape photographers will use a wide angle lens to capture those wide open vistas. Sometimes you need to get close however and that’s where today’s wide-angle zoom lenses like Canon’s EF 24-105mm really comes in handy.

I took this shot on a hazy evening about 30 minutes before the sun went down, when the light literally glowed in a golden hue. I used a Singh-Ray Vari-ND-Duo filter to obtain a long exposure and provide some warmth and contrast.

Golden Falls – Austin, Texas
Copyright © 2009 Jeff Lynch Photography
Shot taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II set on aperture priority (Av) using an EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens tripod-mounted. The exposure was taken at 35mm, f/16 for 2.5 seconds at ISO 100 using a Singh-Ray Vari-ND-Duo neutral density filter. All post capture processing was done in Adobe’s Lightroom 3 Beta. Click on the image above for a larger version.

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