No Blog Tuesday – Sick in Bed!

No regular post today folks as I’ve come down with some bug (not the flu maybe the flu Not the Flu!) and I feel like I’ve been run over by Ford F150. Damn, I hate getting old.

To make up for it please check out Paul Hinrichs’ Flickr Set taken during last month’s Texas Landscape Safari. We all had a great time wandering around the Texas Hill Country, getting some really nice shots and eating some down-home Texas cooking.

I’m just about finished with my new (self-published) book entitled “Hill Country Landscapes” and (Lord willing) it should be available before Christmas. I’ll post more details next week.

Update: Off to the doctor for a flu test. On a brighter note, it looks like two of my recent G10 landscape shots have been chosen to be published in Peachpit Books upcoming “Canon G10/G11: From Snapshots to Great Shots”. It also looks like an article I wrote for Singh-Ray’s blog should be published soon.

Update 2: Not the Flu. Doc gave me a prescription that stopped the worst symptoms and I slept 12 hours. I’m feeling much better today and should be back up and running by Thursday. My sincere thanks to everyone for your concern.

6 thoughts on “No Blog Tuesday – Sick in Bed!

    • Hey Mark,

      Much better today. I rarely get sick but when I do its usually big. Thanks goodness my doctor is also a friend I’ve known for 20+ years. The meds he prescribed are working like a charm. Thanks for your concern.

      BTW – After seeing your food photos I’ll take any leftovers you care to send!


  1. I know you’re sick but I was wondering any advice on a photographer who wants to market her photos. Too many places, not enough knowledge, or maybe just undecided. Can you help.

    I am still feeling puny after being over the flu for over a week. So hang in there. It will go away.


    • Carol,

      Marketing your images today is both easier and much more difficult than in the past. I’m certainly no expert but putting together a blog or posting your work on Flickr, Smugmug or Zenfolio is fairly easy but attracting buyers is much more difficult with the glut of high-quality images currently available online. You have to pick your niche and work hard to get noticed. Even then, its tough to find folks willing to buy prints in today’s economy.


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