Photography – Giving Credit Where Its Due

I just read an interesting post from Dave Cross that got me thinking about giving credit where credit is due.

So here goes.

All of my images are inspired by the Lord God and by all the wonderful images taken by folks like Scott Kelby, Matt Kosklowski, Dave Cross, RC, Moose Peterson, Laurie Excel, Chase Jarvis, David duChemin, Matt Brandon, Gavin Gough, Joe McNally, John O’Connor, Bill Neill, Sam Abell, Kirk Tuck, Ansel Adams, Joe Kidd, Diane Varner, Rob Sheppard, David Hobby, Rick Sammon, Vincent Laforet, Zack Arias and a host of others I can’t even remember.

Generally speaking, all of my post capture techniques were learned from someone else including all the wonderful instructors at Kelby Training. Not one iota of my post capture technique is original unless you go back to my films days in the 70’s. I stole every good Photoshop and Lightroom technique I could find and happily put them to good use. I continue to practice this post capture plagiarism today by learning everything I can from the beautiful images posted by folks like Diane Varner, Mark Krajnak and Derek Shanks.

Any information I post on this blog is the result of a mental compilation of the last 50 years of my life and its doubtful that there’s an original thought in the bunch. I’ve read hundreds of books, looked at thousands of photographs and listened to hours of podcasts, so you understand that anything I post that remotely seems original is purely by accident.

Now that I’ve confessed all my sins, we can get back to enjoying our photography!

PS: Never give a smart-ass Irishman a pulpit!

11 thoughts on “Photography – Giving Credit Where Its Due

  1. Funny!
    And completely true.

    And I am doing this same thing: I’m learning, picking up this and that; and maybe when I’m your age I’ll be as good a photographer as you are.

    And if this would be the case, I’d be glad if someone could learn through my pics the same techniques and skills I’m learning today.

    Keep the good job


  2. I agree with the first comment. Everyone has learned something and adapted their own vision to it. My work isn’t solely credited to me but the inspiration of countless photographers and years of digital monochrome conversion studies. I have earned a few gray hairs during that process nonethless and I too have those shooters I aspire to become equal or better.

    Photography is a beautiful science and art and has become a larger community than before. I still think that two photographers can happen upon a scene and come out with different visions than the other.

    Cheers 😉

    • Derek,

      Thanks for reading and for your comments. I’ll be completely honest with you. I really like your post capture workflow and have shamelessly stolen it for several of my own shots! I enjoy looking at your work every day!


  3. I believe it was Sir Issac Newton who said, “If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

    Of course you could substitute some good Irish beer and feel the same way. 😉

  4. Jeff
    A good artist takes an idea then adds something of themselves to make it their own. This is how the craft and vision is built from the beginning. It all starts with a teacher and a student building until the student is the teacher. I learn from you no matter where you learned it, and so on.
    (Irishman in Texas = recipe for trouble?)

    • Hey Ray!

      Kind of a smart-ass post but Dave’s rant seemed a little over the top and caught me during a moment of weakness. I try not to let my Irish sense of humor show on my blog. Back to posting images tomorrow.


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