Texas Hill Country Photo Safari Scouting Trip

I received a wonderful email a few days ago from a reader asking where were my favorite locations in Texas for landscape and nature photography. Since I’m right in the middle of planning a Texas Hill Country Photo Safari for the fall, I thought I’d use Google Maps to give you an idea where I’ve taken some of the shots you’ve seen on this blog.

Texas Hill Country Photo Safari

Click on the map above to view the actual Google Maps I’ve set up for this scouting trip.

Texas boasts some of the most beautiful and well maintained state parks in the country and I’ve spent many happy hours wandering them with my camera in hand. Some of my favorites are:

These are some of the locations I’ll be scouting the week of June 14th and most will be included in the Texas Hill Country Photo Safari planned for this fall. If you’re a landscape or nature photographer located here in Texas and would like to join us for this scouting trip or for the safari in the fall, just drop me an email!

5 thoughts on “Texas Hill Country Photo Safari Scouting Trip

  1. Jeff,

    Just an FYI. The July 2009 issue of Texas Parks & Wildlife is mainly about water in Texas. There are a lot of great water photos and locations for photographing lakes and rivers.

  2. Jeff
    I would love to write GTT on the front door and see the best of the hill country with you. Might even bring some rain with me. I”ll see if I can swing the time away (and if I can handle the heat of Texas in June). Road trip may be in order and that is always good advice.


  3. hey Jeff,

    Lucky for you, Texas state parks aren’t in danger of being closed like California’s! Check out Jim Goldstein’s post about it and if you have a lot of California readers, please consider doing a post yourself. Jim’s post can be found here and a letter to our governor can be sent through the Sierra Club here.


    • John,

      I am incredibly sorry for the residents of California and the huge number of tourists that visit California’s state parks each year. I knew California had budget troubles but I had no idea it had gotten this bad. I’ll write a post up in the morning and tweet on the issue later this evening. I can tell you this, if Rick Perry (our Governor) did something like this, half the state would march on Austin and put a stop to such nonsense! I’d recommend contacting your Congressman or Senator to see if they can put some pressure on your governor.


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