Serious Amateur Photography – Listed in Alltop!


I’m very pleased to announce that the Serious Amateur Photography blog has been listed in Alltop! I would really like to thank all my readers, friends and fellow photographers for helping this blog grow and prosper.

I’d also like to thank the folks at WordPress for all their help and support.

Special thanks go out to my friends Tom & Jared, Mark and John for their daily encouragement, their inspiration, dedication and courage as photographers. As my kids like to say “You Guys Rock”!

Jeff Lynch
Sugar Land, Texas

7 thoughts on “Serious Amateur Photography – Listed in Alltop!

    • Scott,

      I’ve been there many times during the 60’s & 70’s. Its a beautiful area to photograph in the fall and spring and I see you’ve taken some nice shots there.


  1. Congratulations, Jeff!

    I consider myself a serious amateur photographer and somehow your blog has not come to my attention until today. I’ve been looking around a really enjoy your mix of photos and articles. So much, in fact, going to add you to my blogroll. 🙂


    • Scott,

      Thanks for reading and for your comments. Believe it or not but I grew up near Syracuse and have family that graduated from there. Way too cold for me now!


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