Amateur Photography – Essential Gear for Beginners

The Digital Photography BookThe Digital Photography Book, Volume 2Now and again I’ll receive an email from a budding amateur photographer that’s just bought a new Canon DSLR  and wants to know the best way to get started. The best advice I can give anyone is to read Scott Kelby’s The Digital Photography Book and The Digital Photography Book, Volume Two before doing anything else. Don’t buy any accessories, don’t schedule any seminars and don’t take thousands of photos with your new camera just yet! Take a few hours and READ these two books wonderful books to get started the right way. Yes, there are hundreds on other books on digital photography out there but trust me, these are the best two for beginners! I promise you’ll get more concrete advise, tips and tricks than from fifty other books combined.

2 thoughts on “Amateur Photography – Essential Gear for Beginners

  1. I haven’t read volume two but when I started photographing I read the volume one which gave me a nice jump start that has taken me very far in a very short time. This book doesn’t say why, just how and that’s exactly what beginners need. I carried this book with me in my camera bag for the first few months and used it as a encyclopedia for many occasions.

    There is a one thing sure in this world, Kelby’s readers won’t be bored.

    • I couldn’t agree more Arnar! Scott’s writing style is a refreshing change from other digital photography books and I love his subtle (and not so subtle) humor.


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