Canon 50D – RAW Custom Functions

One question that comes up quite frequently is which camera functions affect RAW images and which affect JPEG images on the EOS 50D.

C.Fn II-1 Long Exposure Noise Reduction – Both RAW and JPEG

C.Fn II-2 High ISO Speed Noise Reduction – JPEG Only

C.Fn II-3 Highlight Tone Priority – Both RAW and JPEG

C.Fn II-4 Auto Lighting Optimizer – JPEG Only (Unless Using DPP for RAW)

5 thoughts on “Canon 50D – RAW Custom Functions

  1. I thought HTP was similar to ALO – RAW is not affected but the metadata is tagged so that DPP with fudge the gamma settings/translations to retrieve highlights and compress shadows. But open the same image in LR/ACR/etc and HTP makes no difference.

    • Rich,

      Thanks for reading. No, Highlight Tone Priority actually shifts the dynamic range slightly to the high end and uses a slightly different dynamic range curve to process all images from analog to digital. You can find more information on this at DPReview under the 50D or 5D Mark II reviews.


  2. Odd, if you look at the Magic Lantern Guide to the 50D on page 109-110 it says exactly the opposite of the above. So who is correct?

    • Which particular custom function are you referring to? I haven’t read Rob Sheppard’s latest guide so I’m not sure what those pages refer to. Why don’t you shoot him an email via his blog and ask him?


  3. Good thing to know; someone asked this in dpreview lately, but I didn’t follow the thread…

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