Canon EOS 50D – Updated Sensor Cleaning System

sensorCanon has updated the Integrated Cleaning System in the new EOS 50D and EOS 5D Mark II cameras. You’ve probably already read about the fluorine coating on the low pass filter but did you know that Canon has produced a new body cap, made of a different material that is tougher and less likely to produce dust? This was news to me but I did notice the cap looked a little different.

The Canon Professional Network (Canon Europe) has published a great article on all the changes and new features in the 50D and 5d Mark II’s integrated cleaning system. Its good to know that this technology continues to evolve at Canon. Sensor dust is a fact of life for DSLR cameras and anything that reduces this issue is a great idea in my book!

EOS 5D Mark II sensor image courtesy and copyright Canon.

2 thoughts on “Canon EOS 50D – Updated Sensor Cleaning System

  1. you sure you mean “fluorine”- that’s a very reactive poisonous gas- not something you want near you or your camera. Maybe you misread a press release??

    • Actually, fluorine coatings are very common in industry and the new LCD panel is also fluorine coated to prevent dirt and nose prints from sticking to it. Just Google “fluorine coating” for lots of references.

      PS: If you think a fluorine coating sounds strange, some Canon lens are made from fluorite.


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