Book Review – Digital Nature Photography: The Art and The Science

The Art and The ScienceTake two incredibly talented nature photographers, each with over 20 years of experience. Have them distill their knowledge into 182 pages of advice, tips and tricks. Add hundreds of stunning and inspirational photographs to learn from and what you have is one truly great nature photography book!

If you’re a serious amateur photographer and love the thrill of nature photography then you really should spend your $25 (USD) and buy a copy of John and Barbara Gerlach’s Digital Nature Photography: The Art and The Science.

For beginners it’s a great place to start. For experienced amateurs and professionals it just a wonderful book full of inspirational images to get those creative juices flowing. It’s written in plain english with no “technobabble” to scare off folks yearning to flip that dial from “Auto” to “Av”, “Tv” or even “M”. It’s also written to be brand “agnostic” since John shoots with Canon gear and Barbara with Nikon gear.

The book talks about the basics of exposure, choosing the right camera and lenses and secrets for making really sharp images. It also delves into composition (my favorite topic), using light creatively, close-up and macro work and using flash in nature photography. In every chapter you’ll find incredible images that demonstrate what the book explains and which inspire your own creativity.

All in all, I give this book a real “thumbs up”!