Apple’s Last Year at Macworld

Apple Mac OS XApple Announces Its Last Year at Macworld

I know this isn’t really photo related but what a shock for the folks that put on Macworld. It would be like Adobe not attending NAPP’s Photoshop World.

Wow! Without Steve Jobs’ annual keynote, black mock-turtlenecks may go out of style!

One thought on “Apple’s Last Year at Macworld

  1. There is rampant speculation that this has something to do with Jobs’ health and whatnot.

    Esquire magazine’s Tom Junod (great writer) had a good piece on Jobs earlier this fall if you wish to peruse…

    I wonder, though, too, if this yet a further indication of the shakey economy. Having been involved with big meeting planning, I know how not cheap it is for a company to be involved with this stuff.

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