My Canon 40D Rig

It’s “Black Friday”, the Friday after Thanksgiving. The biggest shopping day of the year in the US and the day the retailers use to gauge consumer spending for the holiday season. If you haven’t seen enough photographic gear (lust) to last you till next year then take a look at my Canon 40D rig. It’s a perfectly workable rig for any pro shooter or serious amateur and will last for thousands and thousands of exposures with the right care.

And for those of you that think the “prosumer” Canon 40D is not really a professional grade rig (this includes the Canon Professional Services folks) please watch the video of Scott Audette setting up a 30D and 40D for Reuters to remotely capture the Space Shuttle launch (courtesy Rob Galbraith’s blog).

If you decide to price out a 40D for yourself I always recommend these two shops in NYC. Tell em Joe McNally sent you. (Can’t hurt)

adorama bandh

Happy Holidays!




7 thoughts on “My Canon 40D Rig

  1. The G9 is another lust item, though I see they’ve stopped making it for the G10 now. *sigh* Ebay calls…

  2. Hey Mark,

    We had three turkeys for about twenty friends and family. Two fried (it’s a Texas/Louisiana thing) and one “northern style”.

    I took the shots of my 40D using a G9 that I bought used from Scott Bourne (TWIP).

    Speaking of the 40D. I expect to see prices for this model to continue to drop in early 09, especially if Canon has a bad holiday season. It’s already down almost $200 at Adorama and B&H.


  3. Lust.


    Though I may make the jump from my 20D (a very serviceable companion) to the 50D in ’09. We’ll see….

    But…what did you shoot the 40D with?

    Hope you had plenty of turkey, Jeff!

  4. Scott,

    It was a great video and an incredible demonstration of using off the shelf technology to solve a tough problem. I’m surprised that Canon hasn’t offered you some serious swag for the promotional value. What a great testament to an awesome line of “prosumer” DSLRs!


  5. Jeff, I could not agree more, the 40D has one of the best Dynamic ranges I’ve seen execpt their Ds1 III, but wider then their DS1 II.
    Happy Holiday.

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