It’s Gear Week!


I should have said this before posting earlier this morning but I forgot. In keeping with the holiday tradition and on the heels of Scott Kelby’s 3rd Annual Gonzo Holiday Gear Guide, I will be posting details on my current rig along with links to my favorite retailers, B&H Photo and Adorama.


2 thoughts on “It’s Gear Week!

  1. Hey Tom,

    Yes, but window shopping is an important part of the process. I always wait several months before considering any new piece of gear. Right now the photographic equipment market is hurting due to the general economic downturn. I expect to see some incredible deals during the holiday season and into early 2009.

    It’s also a great time to look for deals in used equipment. Adorama has a great used department as well as a big selection of “refurbished by Canon” gear. You can find some really great deals if you know where to look.

    Happy Holidays!


  2. Toys, toys toys…… You know, no matter how much I can only window shop (and I think that’s the case for about 95 pct of us) it’s just so much fun to look….. Looking forward to seeing your rig Jeff.

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