John O’Connor at Montaña de Oro State Park

If you’re not familiar with John O’Connor’s work then you’re in for a real treat! Take a look at the images he’s just posted in his Meditations on a Moment blog from his recent trip to the Montaña de Oro State Park. John is William Neill’s assistant and an incredible photographic talent himself. Take a look!

2 thoughts on “John O’Connor at Montaña de Oro State Park

  1. John,

    If I was 30 years younger I might be doing just exactly what you’re doing. It’s great to see someone pursuing a career in “natural light” photography in this day and age. Living where you do, seeing what you see and working as Bill’s assistant is an incredible experience. I applaud your courage and conviction in making a career choice that many of us “serious amateurs” wish we could made those many years ago.

    As for my “Top Gun Shooters” list, your work stands on its own! It excites me and inspires me. I’d be proud to display it in my home and I expect most folks would agree.


  2. Jeff,

    Thanks for the post. To see my name included in that list on the right is very flattering indeed. Truly an honor.

    I’ve been enjoying your blog. Good insights and wonderful images. Keep it up!!


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