Experimenting with Lightroom’s Clarity Setting

One of the really great things about digital imaging in general and Adobe Lightroom 2 in particular, is the ability to experiment and try new techniques. In the old days, we spent hours or even days doing this in the darkroom during film development such as “pushing” Tri-X from ISO 400 to ISO 1600, or by “dodging” and “burning” when making enlargements.

Today we can quickly and easily experiment to our hearts content non-destructively, using the various slider controls and settings in Adobe Lightroom 2’s “Develop” module. One of my favorite new features is the “Clarity” setting. Martin Evening has written a great explanation of how this works in an article on Peachpit’s web site. David duChemin also posted a short article on his blog about this new feature which gave me the idea for a creating a cool glowing silhouette preset. The key is setting the “Clarity” all the way left to -100, which creates this surreal effect.

Glowing Sunset Experiment

Glowing Sunset Experiment
Copyright © 2008 Jeff Lynch Photography
Shot taken with a Canon 40D , 17-40mm f/4L with a circular polarizer at 31mm, f/22, 1/45th at ISO 100 with an exposure bias of -1.0ev. Click on the image above for a larger version.

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