Bird Photographers Always Watch Where They Walk!

I spent most of this beautiful Labor Day weekend out photographing birds at the Brazos Bend State Park near Needville, TX. This state park boasts over 300 different species of birds sighted. There are so many different birds to watch in the park that the state has even published a bird watching checklist showing the most likely location to see each species.

Texas Parks and Wildlife – Birds of the Brazos Bend State Park

Last week I watched a new series of bird photography videos from Moose Peterson on the Kelby Training web site. Who better to learn the tricks of trade from than the master himself, Moose Peterson. In this latest set of videos, Moose was on the Florida coast explaining the best way to approach birds with his trusty Gitzo tripod and Wimberly head. Moose was positioning his rig in about 6″ – 8″ of water and slowly approaching the birds he wanted to capture.

Now, I think the world of Moose Peterson and have read just about all of his wildlife photography books, but here in East Texas we almost never step foot in the water to get those great shots. And here’s the reason why. (Just kidding Moose)

A Little Snack

A Little Snack
Copyright © 2008 Jeff Lynch Photography
Shot taken with a Canon 40D , 70-200mm f/4L with a 1.4x extender at 280mm, f/9.0, 1/160th sec at ISO 800 on SanDisk Digital Film.

I was right in the middle of getting the shot shown in my Dinner Time post when I heard some thrashing sounds coming from the bank of this small lake about 20 feet away. I turned my lens toward the commotion and caught this young gator (he’s about 2 feet long, so less than 6 months old) just finishing his lunch. I never did spot his momma but they’re the reason my tripod legs always stay high and dry!