Canon 50D – Gentlemen Start Your Comparisons!

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Update: Amazing how different things look 24 hours later. Pretty damn smart of Nikon to wait till Canon released the 50D so they could trump it with the D90. Movies from LiveView! Who would have thought?
So, does Canon have something else up their sleeve? A real D700 competitor? The “5D MKII”? There’s no way they can call it the 7D now, or can they?

Yes, it’s official. Let the comparisons begin!

  • D700 competitor? (Not Really)
  • D90 killer? (Unfortunately No)
  • 40D’s Sister or Replacement? (Canon says sister, but it sure looks like replacement to me)

5 thoughts on “Canon 50D – Gentlemen Start Your Comparisons!

  1. Giuseppe,

    Twenty-five years ago I would have agreed with you completely. Most folks shooting Nikon or Canon usually have more invested in lenses than they do in bodies and brand loyalty was very high.

    I’m not sure I can say the same thing in today’s market since many long time Canon shooters have switched to Nikon in the past few years as Nikon came out with much better engineered new bodies and lenses. Take the D3, D300 and now the D700 and D90 for example. Canon has been consistently behind Nikon in body design for several years and these new Nikon bodies really do outperform the current offering from Canon.

    Take a look at the Olympics in Beijing. There were almost as many black Nikon lenses being used as there were white Canon lenses. In the past, the ratio would have been 4:1 but today it’s almost 1:1.

    I really love my Canon 40D body and look forward to seeing what new full-frame camera that Canon will announce at Photokina, but for me the 50D is just not a compelling upgrade choice.

    Thanks for reading and for you comments!


  2. The 50D is the one I was waiting to upgrade from my 400D. Personally, I don’t think people interested in this DSLR level are likely to change from Canon to Nikon and viceversa simply for few seconday options such as GPS or movie. What’s count is only the set of lenses already in your hand. If the new released model is not of your satisfaction you just wait the next one, as happened to me when the 40D came out since I have already 4 Canon lenses which values in total more than 4 bodies.

  3. @Jeff – So true, and there is that new 18-200 for a walk about lens. Sadly even if a new 5D arrives it will be beyond my budget for now for sure.

  4. @Peter – I always feel this way for a few minutes when a new Canon (or Nikon) DSLR comes out but its the new lenses that really get my attention. I may lust after a new body (especially if a 5D replacement is announced) but I’ll actually buy a better lens.

    — Jeff

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